Clarifing Agents

  • Bentonite 4oz

    Bentonite 4oz

    For fining: Naturally occurring mineral fining agent which drops through wine, absorbing haze forming proteins and other suspended matter. Mix in boiling water until thoroughly dissolved. Use 2 1/2 tsp,

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  • Polyclar 10

    Polyclar 10

    A non-soluble clarifier that removes both haze causing polyphenols as well as yeast cells. Mix 2 Tbls (or 5 g) with one cup of sanitized warm water and gently stir into five gallons beer. Let stand for a few days and rack off. Polyclar VT is a coarser...

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    Dissolve 1 tablespoon of powder in 8 fl oz of water for 5 minutes. Add hot mixture to 6 gallons of wine. Stir gently. Wait 1 week to rack or bottle.

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  • Super-Kleer K. C. Finings

    Super-Kleer K. C. Finings

    Super Kleer KC Finings is a liquid finings solution that is a 2 stage clearing agent for beer and wine. 1 pack will work on up to 6 gallons of wine or beer at a time. Super Kleer is able to clear the beer or wine in 12 - 48 hours. It is made up of 50ml...

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