Pro Single Burner

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Pro Single Burner

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Large Cooking Surface

A 14" diameter cooking surface provides ample room to accommodate large brew pots so you can make the most of your brewing experience.

Boasts Precision Control

With its included 10 PSI high performance adjustable regulator and its 36" rubber hose, this gas stove heats water rapidly and evenly for uniform cooking. Adjusting the flame during the cooking process provides you with more control and variability to heat hot liquor tanks, heat mash tuns, or boil wort.

Powerful, Efficient Burner

With a 110,000 BTU burner, you can rapidly boil wort or bring water to the perfect temperature mashing and sparging. This powerful burner creates a reliable flame for fast boil and efficiently.

Maximum Stability

The wide leg design provides balanced support as you rest large brew pots and keggles on this stove/range. Plus, the welded steel frame increases the overall durability and longevity of this outdoor patio stove.

¬ÝEasy-to-Attach Hose

The hose included with this unit easily attaches to the stove to supply the burner with enough liquid propane to create a strong, clean flame.