• Pilgrim Pellets 1 oz

    Pilgrim Pellets 1 oz

    Often compared to UK Target, Pilgrim performs well as a replacement for high alpha or dual purpose hops. Alpha acids: 9 - 13% Fruity

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  • Saaz Hop Pellets

    Saaz Hop Pellets

    The classic "noble" aroma hop with long and strong traditions, associated with the renowned pilsner lager. Alpha acids: 2.5 - 4.5% Floral, Citrus, Spicy, Herbal

  • Saphir Hop Pellets (Germany)

    Saphir Hop Pellets (Germany)

    Saphir is a good aroma variety with a distinct hoppy tang and an average bitter value. Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include spicy, fruity and floral with hints of tangerine tones Alpha Acid 2 - 4% Beta Acid 4 - 7% Co-humulone 12...

  • Simcoe Cryo Hops

    Simcoe Cryo Hops

    Developed by Yakima Chief Hopunion, Cryo Hops represents the the most innovative technology in hop processing. It uses a proprietary cryogenic separation process which preserves all components of each hop fraction, producing two simultaneous co-products,...

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  • Simcoe Pellets 1oz

    Simcoe Pellets 1oz

    Developed by Select Botanicals Group and released in 2000, Simcoe® Brand YCR 14 cv. is known for its brewing versatility and unique aroma characteristics. It contains high alpha and low-cohumlone which has found favor in the craft and home brewing...

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  • Sorachi Ace Pellets 1 oz

    Sorachi Ace Pellets 1 oz

    Developed in Japan in 1984 for Sapporo Breweries, Ltd., Sorachi Ace is a cross between Brewer's Gold, Saaz and Beikei No. 2 male. It is available in limited quantities, however, it remains a popular variety among craft brewers for its unique citrus...

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  • Sterling Pellets 1 oz

    Sterling Pellets 1 oz

    Bred in 1990 and released in 1998, Sterling is an aroma variety with noble hop characteristics. It shows moderate tolerance to powdery mildew and has good pickability of compact cones. Alpha acids: 5.5 - 8.5% Floral, Citrus, Spicy, Herbal

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  • Styrian Golding Hop Pellets

    Styrian Golding Hop Pellets

    Origin: Slovenia. Imported from England in the 1930s and thought to be a Golding, the ancestor of today’s Styrian Goldings Celeia was actually a Fuggle. Acclimating to its new home, this variety has developed a more delicate,...

  • Summit Pellets 1 oz

    Summit Pellets 1 oz

    Bred by the American Dwarf Hop Association and released in 2003, Summit™ is a cross between Lexus and an unspecified male derived from numerous hops including Zeus, Nugget and male USDA varieties. It is the first dwarf hop to be bred for production in...

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  • Target Hop Pelletes

    Target Hop Pelletes

    A flexible hop. It's higher alpha acids make it great for bittering, but its herbal, spicy aroma makes it a great late kettle addition as well. Alpha acids: 9.5 - 12.5% Citrus, Spicy

  • Tettnang Hop Pellets (German)

    Tettnang Hop Pellets (German)

    A landrace variety originating from the Tettnang region on Lake Constance in Germany, Tettnang (or Tettnanger) is from the Saaz group. It displays fine, noble characteristics with a slight spiciness. Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include spicy,...

  • Warrior Pellets 1 oz

    Warrior Pellets 1 oz

    Developed by Select Botanicals Group, Warrior was selected for its high alpha content, low co-humulone, good storage stability and tolerance to powdery mildew. It is primarily used in brewing for its mild, clean bittering properties and has good...

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