• Amarillo Hop Pellets

    Amarillo Hop Pellets

    Aroma profile: Floral, Citrus Discovered and introduced by Virgil Gamache Farms in Washington State, Amarillo® Brand VGXP01 cv. is an aroma variety that has recently become one of the top 10 varieties utilized by the craft beer industry. It features...

  • Cascade Cryo Hops

    Cascade Cryo Hops

    Aroma: Medium intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones. Alpha: 9-13%, Oil: 2-4%. Developed by Yakima Chief Hopunion, Cryo Hops represents the the most innovative technology in hop processing. It uses a proprietary cryogenic separation process which...

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  • Cascade Hop Pellets

    Cascade Hop Pellets

    Aroma profile: Floral, Citrus, Spicy Originating from the USDA-ARA breeding program, Cascade is an aroma-type cultivar bred in 1956 and released in 1972. It was developed by open pollination of a Fuggle seedling. Cascade is the most popular variety in...

  • Centennial Hop Pellets

    Centennial Hop Pellets

    Aroma profile: Floral, Citrus Bred in 1974 and released by Washington State University in 1990, Centennial is an aroma-type cultivar that has found favor as one of the most popular varieties in craft brewing. It is often referred to as a super-Cascade...

  • Challenger  Pellets 1 oz

    Challenger Pellets 1 oz

    Bred at Wye College and introduced in 1972, Challenger is a granddaughter of Northern Brewer and niece of Northdown. It is a versatile variety with wide application in both early and late kettle additions. Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include cedar,...

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  • Chinook Pellets 1oz

    Chinook Pellets 1oz

    Developed by the USDA breeding program in Washington State and released in 1985 as a high alpha bittering variety, Chinook is a cross between Petham Golding and a USDA male. In recent years, it has found favor as a dual purpose hop in the craft brewing...

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  • Citra Hop Pellets

    Citra Hop Pellets

    Aroma Profile: Citrus, Tropical Fruit Developed by Hop Breeding Company and released in 2007. Citra® HBC 394 cv. features fairly high alpha acids and total oil contents with a low percentage of co-humulone. It is tolerant to downy mildew and... Alpha...

  • Cluster 1 oz

    Cluster 1 oz

    Aroma Profile: Earthy, Floral, Fruity Cluster is one of the oldest hop varieties grown in the United States and until the late 1970s, accounted for the majority of the country’s hop acreage. Its pedigree is unknown, however hybridization of imported.....

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  • Columbus (CTZ)  Pellets 1 oz

    Columbus (CTZ) Pellets 1 oz

    Originally selected by Charles Zimmerman for Hopunion, Inc., Columbus is a descendant of Nugget. It is a high alpha variety and is primarily used for bittering purposes. Columbus is often referred to as CTZ, a... Alpha acids: 14.5 - 17.5% Earthy,...

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    Developed by Hopunion LLC in 2011, Falconer's Flight hop pellets are an exclusive proprietary hop blend created to honor and support the legacy of Northwest brewing legend, Glen Hay Falconer. Proceeds from each Falconer's Flight purchase is contributed...

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  • Fuggle Hop Pellets

    Fuggle Hop Pellets

    Discovered as a chance seedling in 1861 and propagated by Richard Fuggle in Kent, England in 1875, Fuggle was once the most prominent English hop. It accounted for 78% of production in 1949. The variety is now grown in the United States, primarily in...