Briess Roasted Barley (unmalted) 1lb

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1.00 LBS
Briess Roasted Barley (unmalted) 1lb

You probably don't munch on a handful of Roasted Barley the way you do sweet Caramel Malts. But those dry roasted bitter, coffee-like flavors characteristic of Roasted Barley are what make most Stouts a Stout, and add complex flavor or color to other brews as well. We produce two types of Roasted Barley for your brewing flexibility. Roasted Barley and Black Barley are not malted. Rather, they are made by intensely roasting barley that's been steeped. Roasted Barley and Black Barley will impact foam color. Black Malt will not. Roasted, unmalted barley has a dry, coffee flavor with an intense bitterness and imparts deep brown color to wort that affects the foam color of the finished beer. The sharp flavor of roasted barley is characteristic of classic porters and stouts. But it can also be tempered with black or chocolate malts for milder results.