Briess CBW Pilsen Light LME 30 lb Mini Pail

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30.00 LBS
Briess CBW Pilsen Light LME 30 lb Mini Pail

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Sweet, delicate malty flavor Exceptionally light color.Produces very light colored, clean, crisp wort. Use as base malt for all beer styles. Excellent choice for lagers. Allows the full flavor of specialty malts to shine through. Lovibond 1.2 With the new Briess Mini Pail, you get a convenient and easy to use package filled with 30 pounds of premium pure malt extract. The lid features an easy pour spout - just pull and pour! When you finish, wipe your spout and cap down with some no-rinse sanitizer, push it back in and seal it up. Solids 79%. Fermentability 76%. Color 2.0 Lovibond. We recommend refrigeration for extended storage. If mold forms on top of the malt you can scrape it off, as long as it has not penetrated down into the malt. Boiling will kill and spores that might be left in the extract.