Blichmann HellFire Burner

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Blichmann HellFire Burner

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The TopTier‚ burner lit the brewing world on fire in 2009 with the first burner made specifically for the needs of the homebrewer. ¬ÝNo wonder it became the best selling and most respected homebrew burner in the market. ¬ÝNever resting, our team of beer Engineers and avid homebrewers ¬Ýjust reinvented what a burner should be. ¬ÝEfficient, fast, and versatile. ¬ÝThat new burner is appropriately named HellFire‚Ñ¢! ¬Ý This dual mode capability burner is unlike anything else on the market and is sure to satisfy all your heating needs. ¬ÝNo wonder it is patent pending! ¬ÝThis custom made burner is tuned to operate in high efficiency mode, and also in a second high power mode.¬Ý¬ÝIn the high power mode, you'll be amazed with 140,000BTU/hr output for blazing fast heating - double the power of our previous burner. ¬ÝAnd significantly more power than anything else on the market. ¬ÝWaiting for a boil is now a thing of the past. ¬ÝIn the high efficiency mode, you'll get 80,000 BTU/hr and superb heat transfer to the wort and whisper quiet operation. ¬ÝPlenty of power to keep a rolling boil on a 20 gal batch of beer. ¬ÝEven our efficiency mode has significantly more power than the competition! ¬ÝTo top off all that power we include a patent pending heat shield to keep that massive power off your valve and thermometer and direct it to your wort. The HellFire‚Ñ¢ stand burner bolts right up to our TopTier‚Ñ¢ Modular Brewing Stand.

‚Ä¢Dual mode capability; high power mode and high efficiency mode. ¬ÝSimple operation - just crank up the gas and adjust the damper for more power! ¬ÝHigh efficience is simply a nice clean burn where the flames do not lift off the nozzles. ¬ÝHeat transfer to the wort is effective and amazingly quiet. ¬ÝIf you're in a big hurry crank up the gas and open the damper to let more air in - not as efficient or quiet but is super fast! ‚Ä¢140,000 BTU/hr in high power mode, 80,000 BTU/hr in efficiency mode ‚Ä¢Patent pending clip-on heat shield keeps that massive amount of heat off your valve and thermometer and directs it to your wort. ‚Ä¢Infinitely adjustable kettle retaining bars accomodated kettles up to 19.75" in diameter ‚Ä¢Non-rusting, fume free heavy gauge stainless frame ‚Ä¢Excellent outdoor flame stability (not suitable for indoor use) Blichmann Floor Standing Burners may ship directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 10-14 Days for delivery.